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Know Your Numbers Webinar

You don’t have to be an accountant or bookkeeper to understand your numbers, just as you don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car.  Having an overall understanding of your financial reports puts you in a far stronger position to make better decisions. On Tuesday 13th October at 10am we are hosting a […]

The 3 Essential Tools for your Business

Does your business reality match the dreams you had when you started? Do you want more money, less stress, or more time away from your business? Do you struggle to adapt to change? Do you want to spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love?   If you answered yes […]

Should I lease or purchase my new company vehicle?

How you choose to purchase your company car will affect your tax. That bit is simple.  The not-so-simple answer to this question is “it depends” and “it’s entirely up to you”. It all depends what you want to see in your accounts, how good a year you’ve had, and what your future plans are.  Don’t […]

Why it’s beneficial for you to pay by monthly direct debit

When business owners ask us ‘how much do you charge?’ we often find there’s a secondary question that goes along with it – how do you charge? In a way, the how do you charge question is the most important. Because even when you know the cost of our support, you still want to know […]

Can I pay for childcare through my limited company?

Unfortunately for most parents with small businesses the answer to this question now will be no, you can’t. Up until October 18 you were able to put some costs (up to £243 per month for basic rate tax payers) through your business either using the Childcare Voucher Scheme or as a direct contract between the […]

We do more than just keep the tax man happy!

We’re not merely accountants – we do more than just keeping the tax man happy! Traditional accountants will focus on keeping the tax man happy, but we’re here to partner with our clients and make a real difference.  We want you to spend less time doing boring accounts stuff and more time doing the things […]

Our Cash flow Forecast and Management Services

Cash Flow planning is best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth.  Setting cash flow targets and regularly monitoring your actual cash flow against your forecast will enable you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business. ~scripts~ Inadequate cash flow is a symptom of management problems in […]

What is a Business Plan and why do I need one?

Success is about planning; we want to help you achieve success.  ~scripts~ Do you have a current Business Plan? Have you set realistic and measurable goals? Do you have clear strategies to achieve your goals? Do you regularly review your goals in regard to changing circumstances?  A Business Planning session will require you to take […]

What is a budget and why do I need one?

Simply put a budget is a road map of getting your business from A to B.  It will show you where your business is productive, and not so productive, so changes can be made, resources moved or invested. ~scripts~ Key benefits of a budget are: –      It provides clarity and creates focus –      It provides clear targets for […]

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